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Old School Wisdom…

Posted on the 05 February 2013 by Firecareers

Education! As a probationary firefighter, it’s not as much about “playing the game” as is learning, performing, and embracing tasks and a mindset that will set a foundation of responsible performance and considerate behavior that you will carry throughout your career, without even wincing. So be at work well before shift change,make sure your gear is on board and ALL of the equipment you will use is checked and serviceable, make the coffee, empty the dishwasher, bring in the paper, raise the flag, be the first to the sink for dishes, refer to all superiors by rank and last name, believe that there is no such thing as busy work if something needs to be done, fuel the chiefs car and wash the windows, always be first in and last out at an incident and above all DO NOT leave 6 sheets on or an empty toilet paper roll in the bathroom dispenser!  And advice from a “dinosaur”, your mother didn’t come to work with you, clean up after yourself!

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