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"Old Me" Vs "New Me"

By John Markowski @jmarkowski0
My struggles to maintain my sanity while gardening are well documented and something I have to consciously  work on. Yes, gardening is supposed to be a relaxing and therapeutic escape but I tend to take it way too seriously and with too much intensity. Strange, but true.
So in an effort to stay calm and "go with the flow", I've developed a new psychological tool that I am considering pursuing a copyright on. I'm calling it the "Old me vs New me 5000" (no significance to the number, just sounds more prominent). And here is how it works.
I'll take a look at an old garden photo and first write how the "old me" would describe it. Then after that, I'll write how the new and improved "new me" sees that same photo. Hopefully putting it in to words will have the impact I am expecting. 

It might not stick, but hell it's worth a shot, right?Here we go with the inaugural effort:              Old me: "I wait all spring and summer for the purple coneflower blooms and they last like a friggin day or two."

New me: "Isn't the life cycle of a flower fascinating and just like life itself."
Old me: "Why would I take this photo knowing it was super humid and foggy out in the middle of the day."
New me: "This shot captures the exact mood at the time it was taken."
Old me: "The deer ate every last peony bloom so I will know climb into the fetal position for the next week."
New me: "Without the blooms, you really get to focus on the beautiful glossy foliage of the peony. What a wonderful treat."
Old me: "Poison ivy right in the middle of my Russian Sage. I'm going to burn the f'er down right now."
New me: "Some times nature hands us a difficult situation and reminds us that we are not in control."  
There you have it. I feel better already but also realize I will need to continue with this therapy in order to truly change.
What do you think?

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