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Old Gringo Boots for Brave Girls

By Hsimoni @wildwyoartcafe

Life has been speeding past me at a dizzying pace.  I have some artwork and some storage solutions to share with you, but I've been so busy some days I'm not sure if I'm coming or going......

But this stopped me dead in my tracks......I was scrolling through Facebook and saw the most amazing cowgirl boots....Old Gringo Cowgirl Boots that I have been dying to purchase ever since I first layed eyes on them about a year ago......they cost $500 or so.....and I just can't quite bring myself to spend that kind of money on one article of clothing just for me lol.  The embroidered flowers and vines are just divine.


Curious to know more about these boots I clicked on the blog post by Melody Ross.  She is one amazing artist, who is always inspiring women.  What I love about her is that she is totally honest with her successes and her hurdles in life.  She is real, she is honest, she is true to herself.  

She is also auctioning off her favorite pair of Old Gringo Boots to help young girls.  She has seen their tragic situation up close and personal.  I could hardly hold back the tears when I read her blog post.  

Melody is giving up her favorite pair of cowgirl boots to help those in need, and many other people are giving up their favorite things to auction off as well.  I can't help but wonder if the lucky winner of these boots will feel like they are walking a few steps in Melody's shoes, and find themselves being inspired to help others too.  Please visit Melody's Blog and do what you can to help out.  I really appreciate it.

Hugs, Love and Peace


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