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A Jewel Loom Jewelicious Crystal Bracelet

By Hsimoni @wildwyoartcafe

The new Jewel Loom™ created by Julianna Hudgins and Beadalon is truly a magnificent new jewelry crafting tool!  It is so easy for beginners, but produces fabulous results for professionals as well. I created this Jewelicious Crystal Bracelet to share with you today.  It's the affinity band base created on the Jewel Loom™ and then crystal's were sewn and attached to the band.


I began by watching Julianna's Youtube Video on the Jewel Loom.  She does an excellent job of telling you all the details.  You can see hear that I have attached my thread to the grooves to create my warp threads.  I began by weaving back and forth in between my warp threads, and then sewing six beads in between each warp thread.

Jewel Loom beginning of bracelet

I continued this process until I had six rows of the gold beads, then I switched to create 6 rows of the clear beads.  This created a fun, but easy pattern for my affinity band bracelet.

Jewel Loom bracelet build close up

You can really see the start of the pattern emerging here.  I used black thread as well to create more contrast.  One tip I would recommend is that you use high quality beads such as toho or your other favorite brand.  This will ensure that the beads are very close in size to create a more uniform look.

Jewel Loom center

I just fell in love with how easy the new Jewel Loom is to use.  I could loom while I was watching tv, and it was so relaxing!

Affinity bracelet on Jewel Loom

Here is my Jewel Loom Affinity Band all completed.  You can see I have 4 sections of the gold beads, and 3 of the clear beads.  I finished off each end and attached the loop and toggle clasps as Julianna shows in her Jewel Loom YouTube Video.

Holly Simoni Jewel Loom bracelet close up of crystals1

I picked out and sorted through various crystal beads I had, then sewed them together and attached them to my Affinity Bead Band.  I really liked how it turned out for my first Jewel Loom project.


I hope you enjoyed seeing my Jewelicious Bracelet and learning how I created it.

We know the Jewel Loom has been hard to get your hands on right now, so please follow the Julianna Hudgins Positively Me Facebook Page to stay up to date on the latest Jewel Loom news and be watching for a giveaway!



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