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Old Flower, New Plant

By Stephanie

Firstly it is really a surprise to see an old plant called Madagascar periwinkle blooming. I have previously grown this one which is white and has a pink eye. But that was a long time ago. Perhaps, this new plant sprouted from a seed that's inside some re-used soil.

False heather or Mexican heather is a really robust plant. Each time I cut back the plant after it is done with blooming, it will just grow back and bloom and again and again.

My white velvet is another robust plant. Its stems can survive on its own even when not rooted yet. But of course the plants below are all rooted, hence, flowering nicely now.

These impatiens make me think of Christmas! The colours are so bright and cheery.

Believe it or not, the impatiens below and the variegated one above is of the same plant. I have used the variegated shoots to replant the one above!

A white rose from its trailing vine...

This little Barbados cherry a.k.a. acerola cherry will be turned into food for the tree shrews that visit my garden.

But, bear's ears, anyone?...

These little syngoniums have foliage that are so adorable. Like watching those red markings coming up slowly from the middle of the leaves.

Old Flower, New Plant

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