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By Shegotherown @AddyGotHerOwn

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Hello everyone!!It is be a very long time, I did not intend to abandon you all.But due to some technical issues and a very heavy training reading list and hard training sessions, I have disappear from the world of internet altogether.I will be back in full force with so many new and amazing posts.For now just enjoy some pictures I took during the Oktoberfest celebrations.I will be passing through you blogs to drop a comment here and there, but I can't promise I will be posting at all.The application process and training with an entire new team and coach is not very easy and need some adjusting and my full dedication at the moment.Thank you all for sticking by and thank you to all those amazing friends, that reach out to see if I am alright, you reach touch me with your sincere interest and love.Thank you all and see you soon again.
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I will be back soon.Till then take care and kisses.  

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