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Oh Wonder Discuss Touring and The Dynamics of a Live Show

Posted on the 09 February 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

Oh Wonder Discuss Touring and The Dynamics of a Live Show

Before catching their tightly-packed, beautiful performance at Bowery Ballroom a couple weeks back, we had the chance to ask Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West of Oh Wonder a few questions about what they were excited for on their immensely successful North American run. Check out the answers below, and be sure to grab tickets to their next show nearby. They do an amazing job of transforming their lush pop tracks in a live setting — it’s not one to miss!

Congratulations on selling out basically the entire North American headlining tour! How do you feel about this feat?

Thank you! We are ecstatic and hugely surprised. We had to upgrade all of the shows which definitely wasn’t anticipated, but we are so excited to see America!

With only the first time performing in LA and New York City a couple months ago, what kind of approach do you have coming into this headlining Winter Tour across North America?

We’re a lot more settled in our show now. That first LA show was only our fifth ever show, so now we’re about 30 shows in and are a lot more comfortable with the music and are able to really experiment with our performances. So with these shows it’s less about working out whether the live show works, and more about enjoying ourselves!

How do you feel with the response the audience has given you by performing your songs in a live environment?

The response has been unbelievable. Performing live gives you a space to connect in real life with your listeners – it’s definitely a two-way conversation. Some nights when the crowd is particularly brimming with vibe and energy, we all perform so much better and enjoy ourselves so much more. The crowd is integral to the success of our performance, which makes each night so unique and special. The crowd makes the performer, and the performer makes the crowd!

Coming off some Europe dates last year, do you have any memorable moments you’ve had on tour? Or with a fan encounter?

So many! We’ve met some amazing people; in fact, we met a girl last night who had ‘Heart Hope’ tattooed on her arm! And we have been so lucky to have seen some beautiful cities. Highlights for us include seeing Cologne cathedral at night, performing in the park in Amsterdam and then going out after the show and eating those fried cheese balls you get from vending machines. It’s the small things…

With the soundcloud releases you did last year, what did you hope to achieve by the end of the process?

It was a purely personal writing challenge, so essentially we hoped to have created a showreel of songs that we were proud of. The fact that we are now touring those songs off the back of releasing an album is so unprecedented that everything is a bonus!

Honestly, this album was one of my favorites of the year. How does the dynamic differ for both of you in the studio and for live shows?

Thank you so much, that’s very kind! We both love being in the studio because we are at the height of our creative prowess and start each day with a blank canvas and end with a song. That’s hugely rewarding. Touring is slightly different because you are electric for just one hour each day; there’s a lot more anticipation – but then the adrenaline and payoff is so huge. They are two different beasts, so it’s difficult to compare. But we’re enjoying them both and finding how to be the best versions of ourselves within each realm.

Last but not least, what do you look most forward to this year?

We are really looking forward to continuing our tour and exploring the world and creating little musical communities in different cities. We’re also hugely excited for a few days off so we can head back into the studio and write! We’re itching to write!!

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