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Oh Paula Deen, What Have You Done Now?

By Red Hot News @buttrfly7740
It started with a word.  Not just any word.  A word that was derived when people had slaves.  Not only an offensive word, but an ignorant word, especially in the context this woman used it in.  Am I saying there is a context you CAN use the word in?  I guess that's a subjective opinion, and I am not the one to be giving any opinion on when the word should and should not be used. How I was raised you should never use the word.  Words have power, they have meaning, and in certain context they have venom.  Can you blame being brought up in the South?  Absolutely not.  Just because there are plantations (which I actually hate that word as well, maybe it's because I'm from the North, Chicago to be exact), and there is history there, maybe it was commonplace to use certain words or phrases, but what ever happened to the term Southern Hospitality?  That was a phrase I've heard frequently and also Southern Belle.  Obviously behind her Southern Belle facade, Paula Deen was nothing more than a closet racist.  Then, there were the apologies, or shall I say the horrific attempts at apologizing that gained more attention than her actually saying the word in the first place.  After, there were the follow-up apologies for the train wreck apologies that had occurred in the first place.  This was a train wreck no one could stop or slow down.  The Food Network blames her PR team, but they still had to drop all that is Paula Deen.  Other sponsors have dropped Deen as well including Walmart, Target, QVC, Caesars Entertainment Corporation (closing all Deen themed restaurants in Illinois, Mississippi, North Carolina, and Indiana), Smithfield Foods, and Kmart have also dropped Deen.  Even diabetes has distanced themselves from Deen.  They were going to use her to promote a diabetes drug, it's safe to say they will no longer be taking her calls.  
The video with clips of her failed interview with Matt Lauer: 
If you haven't seen this, here's apology number 1:
Paula Deen Apology number 2:
In 2012, she pulled the ole' I have a black friend trick that so many people use as their saving grace, but everyone can see through that trick.  The fact that she did this last year is a little telling to what she really is:  a racist.  Why "prove" you're not a racist by parading a black friend on TV when no one had accused her of being racist yet?  I just don't get it.  Yet, there are a lot of people coming to her defense.  A few may surprise you.
Al Sharpton has come to her rescue saying it isn't about what she said 27 years ago, it's what she says today.  Is she still using that word today?  Let's see if someone would actually come forward.  Her and her brother are currently facing a lawsuit from a former employee claiming racism and sexual assault. (The brother allegedly watched pornographic movies in the kitchen in front of everyone, I mean usually that's a private thing, but to each their own I guess).  Not really motivating in a professional setting however. Chris Reed from Kid n' Play says to forget the word she used, her food is killing people with her fried twinkies and butter on top of butter on top of butter.  Paula Deen fans have come to her defense as well by sending out angry letters to the Food Network and Walmart.  Her Paula Deen cruise had to book an extra date because of the flooding of calls that came in wanting to be on the cruise after the news broke.  
Unfortunately, some of Paula's family members are speaking out, but they aren't helping out at all.  Her brother, who is named in the lawsuit with Paula, is saying how business is booming.  Well, enjoy it while it lasts sir.  Then, her son stated on CNN that his mom is NOT a racist, after all  she bought him Hank Aaron pajamas.  Well, I hope that statement is their defense attorney's saving grace because as you can see, that definitely means she's not a racist. *Insert sarcasm here*.  I don't know where the rest of the public stands and I would love to hear your thoughts and concerns.  Please comment, I'd love to have a debate on this subject!
Peace, love, and butterflies.....
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