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Oh Hey It's Me!

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
oh hey it's me! If you follow me on instagram (and if you don't you're missing out)  then you have already seen this, but here is the full painting! 
When my sweet sorority sister brought this to the house the other night I was actually speechless. I had no idea she was doing this of me/for me (these kind of surprises I can go with!). I knew she was talented but this just blew it out of the park, she did it from memory and has probably seen me in that necklace and those sunglasses a countless number of times....and ah the hair even shows off my extreme side part (result of curls going where ever they please).  Just look at that detail in the necklace and sunglasses, she does JCrew and Karen Walker good...gah I am just giddy looking and talking about it!  I am currently hunting down a simple frame for it, because I have this fear it is going to get ruined and that is just not an option for this masterpiece of me hah!
p.s she did this in 30 what?!

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