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Off the Shelf Relief for Your Child

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

This is very practical especially if you have a child in your home.  You can boost your child’s immune system with a balanced diet.  If the immune system is down, your child will be predisposed to a number of illnesses and recovery may seem longer than it should be.

So here’s a guide to off the shelf remedies:

Acute viral upper respiratory infection

Try to increase your child’s fluid intake to 1.5- 2 liters a day.  You can serve water or fresh fruit juices.  Then, increase the consumption of Vitamin C by giving your child fruits such as citrus, tomatoes, berries, papayas and a lot more.  As to the food, give your child soft diets since these children have poor appetite and foods that are soft wouldn’t be that difficult for your child to swallow.


Just as above, give your child more fluids than usual.  Try not to give your child sports

Off the Shelf Relief for your Child
drink as these drinks contain sugar.  You can also prepare a homemade ORS solution:  3g/L or one level teaspoon of table salt and 18g/L of common sugar.    Avoid giving your child fluids such as:  carbonated drinks, sweetened tea, coffee and medicinal teas.

Watch your child’s food intake and offer food by serving small feedings every three to four hours a day.


Increase fluid intake and you can also give your child the homemade solution mentioned above.  But if the vomiting continues and vomits everything that he takes in, IV therapy is needed.

Teething Problems

Prepare ice cubes and massage your child’s gums using the ice cubes to ease the distress. Also, try giving your child rubberized teethers that have been placed in the fridge but is not frozen.  Cold treats like ice lollies, ice cream, yogurt and iced jelly may help alleviate the pain.


Provide for a high in fiber food for your child such as oatmeal and cereals.  Another is increasing your child’s intake of green and leafy vegetables. Giving your child papaya will help soften the stool.   You may also try adding honey to his milk, 2 – 3x a day.

Off the Shelf Relief for your Child

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