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Off The Shelf

By Raddadcollective
Off The Shelf
Documenting Street Art and Graffiti
Issue 22
Off The Shelf
The plaster chipping master Vhils hits the cover of the New Issue 22.
Vhils, started removing plaster on walls way back when... his folks must have been well annoyed when he started practicing on the kitchen wall but needs must. This Portuguese street artist who now resides in London and Lisboa, hit the headlines in 2008 when he chipped one of his portraits beside a work of Banksy. This caught the attention of the media and The Times ran a story about it and the rest is history.
Time to check on the contents page:
Etam Cru - Beautiful big and bold images, mainly seen on the sides of buildings.
Miss Led - No one trick Pony and is a good friend of VNA's.
Tizer - Wicked writer and illustrator!
AJ Fosik - Mad and wild head gear.
Moneyless - With natural and geometrical juxtapositions.
Soker - Graffiti down on the farm.
Huskmitnavn - His work adorns walls in buildings, galleries, museums and many Copenhagen homes.
Vhils - Wall exposure.
Look - Painting with two half naked girls...
Blaine Fontana - Sitting on his big &.
Cryptik - Eastern inspired style.
Cranio - Big Brazilian flag man!
Vexta - "The power of street art is that it does't need the galleries to survive.
Street Visits to London, Copenhagen and Buenos Aires.
As usual this magazine is packed full of quality interviews, wicked photo's and inspiration galore, so much so that we just can't put it down... oh yeh, it smells good as well!
We lift up the cover...Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Off The Shelf
Off The ShelfA big thanks to Baby Blue Coffee shop, Derby, UK for the use of their premises for this shoot.
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