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Off the One Direction Concert Schedule

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
The girls are One Direction crazy, just like every other tween girl I know. One Direction is going to be in concert near us this summer. Last summer I took the girls to see Big Time Rush. It was fun and the girls had a great time. I decided to take a look at tickets to see what might be available on the resale market and how much it would cost.
First, let me say that One Direction tickets went on sale more than a year prior to the concert. At the time I had no idea that One Direction existed. At the time lawn seats were about $40. Prime seats were about $110.
I went to a reputable ticket reseller to find out how much the mark-up would be. It took about five minutes for me to realize there is no way we'd be seeing One Direction this summer. Lawn seats started at $110. Prime seats were $650 per ticket. It's not a typo. For me to take the three of us to see One Direction it would cost nearly $2,000.
We had a great time at Big Time Rush. It was the place where the blond twin developed her Cody Simpson crush. As soon as we figured out the system, we downloaded his album to her iPod Touch so she could listen to it daily. I thought it would be the first of many, many concerts.
I guess today was a wake-up call. If we're not able to buy tickets when they first go on sale we're not going to the concert. I realize ticket prices might drop as we get closer to the concert. I'm not going to try to buy any at this point. Fun is fun, but for as much money as it would cost we could go on vacation. Since I'm the one making the choice, I know what I'm choosing.

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