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Off-season Training: The Two-day Workout

By Meachrm @BaseballBTYard
The link at the bottom of this post will provide you with a pdf of a two-day lifting routine for baseball players.  A few days ago I provided a beginners' routine for middle-school players or anyone else who is just starting to get involved in weight lifting.  That post can be accessed HERE.  The post of basic weight lifting tips can be found HERE.

Off-season training:  The two-day workout

Tis the season!

The two-day routine is meant to be an upgraded version of the basic routine if players have learned the tips and techniques of basic weight lifting and are ready for a more challenging workout.  As you'll see if you compare the beginners' chart with the ones provided today, the two-day charts add more exercises overall and also give the lifter a couple exercises per body group as opposed to one in the beginner routine.  It also allows for three sets per exercise.  Filling out the chart is the same in that a player would record dates, weight, and reps for each exercise.  
Depending on the player's schedule, he can also turn this two-day routine into a three-day or four day routine as follows:
Three-Day Routine
Day 1 Routine - Mon & Fri or Tues & Sat
Day 2 Routine - Wed or Thurs
Four-Day Routine
Day 1 Routine (upper body only) Monday
Day 1 Routine (legs only) Tuesday
Day 2 Routine (upper body only) Thursday
Day 2 Routine (legs only) Friday
Of course, none of these workout charts are written in stone.  Adjust the exercises, days, etc. to fit whatever needs you have.
Click here for the Two-Day workout charts!

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