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Of Legacies and Silly Things

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
I am sitting on a park bench, and just like a soldier fighting for days on the battleground, I sense the intense desert summer giving in to the cool breezy winter. Not breaking a sweat at all here. It's my grand mothers 6th death anniversary and my mothers birthday. I miss my grandmom a lot. Her smile and innocence. You could say anything to her and she would believe you. I know she's smiling back at us from up there. She was when she left us. I feel that by passing away on my mothers birthday, she passed her legacy to her. They both had an amazing relationship, just like a mother and daughters. They shared the best and worst of the one person so dear to them both. My Dad. And they complimented each other beautifully. It's just a thought floating by as we prepare for this barbeque. Such is life.
  On another note, I had the notion of love being a silly thing running through my head for many weeks. So here it is translated into words ....
  Of legacies and silly things
love is a silly thing.
it confuses you, frustrates you, challenges you emotionally
yet it is the best feeling you will ever experience. best is an understatement.
love is a game of chess.
it makes you feel like a soldier, fighting, struggling and surviving through the battle. Maybe that's why the girls call him the Knight in shining armor.
it makes you wiser and humbler. when all you did was for yourself, it makes you take steps towards sacrifice and giving in.
love raises you from the pits.
with love by your side, you feel powerful, unconquerable, invincible, unfallable. it makes you feel like a king, a queen.
love is the rook and you are the Queen.
or you become the pawn.
when love takes your shield off, breaks down all your walls, it leaves you weak and vulnerable. But all you can do is move forward, because time can't turn back.
Are you in the pit or out of it?

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