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Ode to Back Fat

By Boo_brown
Ode to back fat
Ode to back fat
Ode to back fat
With a bra on my back fat isn't that bad, it is hidden by my bra, but without a bra, it is a different story, soft rolls of fat, almost like flaps adorn my back. Leah as right when she said it isn't something we normally see, when bloggers take photos, it is normally front facing and clothed so the back fat is a hidden like a dirty little secret, hence me deciding to share my back fat, so people can see that we do have, and it is perfectly normal to have back fat, don't be ashamed of it, it is the same as learning to love your belly or thighs.  I have to say my back fat isn't something that massively bothers me, i wish it wasn't as obvious maybe as sometimes you can see the outline through my clothes or when a bra rides up a bit i get quad-back fat which is very sexy. 

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