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Oculus Praises Sony’s Project Morpheus VR Strategy

Posted on the 21 March 2014 by Sameo452005 @iSamKulii
Oculus praises Sony’s Project Morpheus VR strategy
Oculus VR’s co-founder and VP of product Nate Mitchell praised Sony’s move into virtual reality at GDC last night. Ultimately, it is felt that Sony’s presence in the market will drive money into the format and open it up to consumers.
Speaking with Develop about Sony’s announcement, Mitchell said, “We’re super excited to have more companies in this space. More developers and more companies investing in virtual reality means more resources put towards games. I think the audience is going to get into VR faster, which means more people to sell to.
“Because that’s really been the ‘Catch 22’ for developers. There are developers who want to make games in VR, but it’s hard to get sign off from their executives because it’s impossible to get the ROI right now. Who are you going to sell to: 50,000 Oculus developers? So with Sony getting in the mix, it really does mean there’s going to be a bigger audience, there’s going to be more people that can buy games.
“Sony, I’m sure – I hope – is going to start funding development, and hopefully some of that comes to the PC side. Even if they stick to PlayStation and we stay on PC, there is no doubt we’ll have more people using VR than ever before in the history of virtual reality, so we’re pretty excited about the whole thing.”

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