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By Ofanselm @ofanselm
The longer I go without blogging, the more unsure I feel of whatever I'm thinking about posting. Sorry to those of you who've already seen these pics on Instagram. I'm having some software issues since we got our new-to-us computer, and so haven't been able to edit (or even open) any of the photos on my DSLR. Since I can't do anything with my photos, it kinda removes most of the incentive to use my camera at all. So VSCO Cam it is!

I know plenty of you haven't seen these yet though. I don't want to completely walk away from this blog, so I thought you might like seeing how big our little quiet-time-hog has gotten. The answer: huge.

As much of a temptation as it is for me to wax eloquent about how much I love autumn, I don't want to make you dizzy by all the induced eye-rolling. I know: everyone loves autumn. Everyone loves blogging about how much they love autumn. Everyone loves warm drinks and colorful leaves and sweaters - except for a few poor, sick, twisted people who would benefit more from our sympathy and prayers than from our condemning looks and tongue smacking.

But verily verily, I am truly happy right now. I wouldn't kick one bit if the sun never set today and everything stayed exactly as it is right now: joyful toddlers babbling almost-complete sentences while they run around outside; some fresh green pumpkins and kale on my front porch; preparing the house for the grandparents to make a much-anticipated visit; and the most beautiful brown-eyed brunette I've ever seen tossing uncontrollable laugh-shouts from her little pink mouth all day.

Stick around a while, October.

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