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Occasions for Gifting a Family Portrait

By Jhilmil D Saha @jhilmildsaha
Family is one part of our life, which beholds everything together. We often click photographs together to cherish those moments together for our entire life. Gifts are truly our love in its material form. We all have some pictures embracing our house walls but have you ever thought of decorating those walls with a Hand-Painted Portrait? The possibility is strikingly low! When we think of giving someone a handmade family portrait, we are trying to capture all of our love for them and the family in a frame but unlike photographs, these custom paintings have the warmth of personalization and essence of thought.
BookMyPaintingis one such place where you can get any picture converted into a hand-painted custom portrait. They have professional artists who are the best in their work. BookMyPainting is a lovely combination of tradition and technology. All you have to do is visit their website, select your favorite art style, and send them your favorite pictures. After placing the order, they deliver it at your doorstep in as early as 7 [1]days. So next time, when you are late for a gift, BookMyPainiting has got your back.
But isn’t that too much? What if I overdo? If you have these questions troubling you, I have enlisted 4 occasions when you can opt for giving a handmade family painting from a photo as your ‘The Gift’.

1.   Christmas

Occasions for Gifting a Family Portrait
Birthdays are surely the winner of occasions to give a family portrait. Birthday is the one celebration that is entirely about the ritual of gifting and a bonanza for people who love gifts. This time, gift a custom charcoal drawing of your loved one’s family photograph. Charcoal sketches are classic black and white drawings but made with raw charcoal. They are famous for their high contrast and detail. You aren’t having everyone in the frame? We’ve got you covered! Just send BookMyPainitng the separate pictures and they will put everyone in the frame together.

2.   Housewarming Party

Occasions for Gifting a Family Portrait
When a family shifts into a new house, they try to adjust to the environment a lot. To help them adjusting and finding the same vibe, a custom Oil painting of one of their most cherished memories will help a lot. Oil paintings on canvas have life-like realism and great colors. Oil painting is one of the oldest art styles and these paintings have a lifetime of hundreds of years. So, this family portrait will be preserved for generations in their family and so will your love for them.

3.   Retirement Day

Occasions for Gifting a Family PortraitA Retirement’s Day holds great importance in the lives of people who have been working all their lives. They spend a lot of their life away from their families. This is the least we can do for them. You can get their family picture drawn into a color pencil sketch. They are known for offering the level of detailing of graphite drawings in color form. This is a good option if you have a medium budget.

4.   Occasions for Your Grandparents

Occasions for Gifting a Family PortraitOur grandparents love the family more than anything. Whether your grandpa is retiring or it is your grandma’s birthday, family portraits are always a win-win. If you have an artistic interest, old school watercolor portraits should be your choice in this case. Watercolor paintings are made with water-based pastels on the base of Ivory sheets and have a creative touch in the depiction.
A family portrait will always win hearts no matter what occasion you are planning it for. All these occasions, I have mentioned does not make an exhaustive list.
Our family stands with us no matter what and is the core strength of every individual. There can be no better way to cherish all these moments together. Let me know in the comment sections on which occasions you are planning to try this great gifting option.

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