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Obstacle, Barrier Or a Stop Sign from God?

By Dgmommy @dgmommyblogger
I read this wonderful quote today, "Obstacles are not Barriers." I apologize that I have forgotten whom to credit for that quote. It's been one of those weeks days. It means that just because you encounter challenges along the path to your goal, those challenges don't need to stop you. Keep going! Every small step toward your goal is a step nonetheless.
But when do you decide that an obstacle is, in fact, a giant stop sign from God (Universe, Source, whatever you call it)?
Obstacle, Barrier or a Stop Sign from God??
Help me out here...
I'm studying for an NLP certification at the moment. It encompasses a couple of other things, but never mind those for now. "Studying" means not making any money yet. We are barely, barely, barely cutting it here and so far I can just pay for the one I'm on (thanks to a few fantastic contributors). Writing makes me peanuts, even though I enjoy it. So, I've thought about getting a job in the meantime. A traditional 9 to 5 that I'd qualify for would hardly pay the childcare required and frankly just won't work with 3 kids (who seem to have been sick since we got to England) and no family or friends around to help out.
In December, I received an email that one of my mentors was hiring. She is starting a new company and she is hiring for virtual, but meaningful positions! So, with bated breath I've awaited the email that would tell me she was finally accepting applications for one of the two positions I thought would fit for me and the details of those positions.
Saturday, it came. Well, technically Friday, but it was in the middle of the night for me. Bygones. I am an amazing fit for the job! It is people/service oriented and before becoming a parent and dropping out of the working world, I was a rock-star in that department!
However, I had a couple of concerns (obstacles?) with regards to what they're looking for -someone who has a Mac and is available from 8am to 6pm in the Pacific Time Zone (I'm GST at the moment). Then... what about the school run (8:15am to 9am and again from 2:45 to 3:45 most days)? After school? Those hours are a bit long for a work-at-home mom of 3.
Still, I wasn't going to let those little things stop me! A Mac can be acquired and the time zone... well, the tag of the company name is "International" so why not start with at least one person (they're hiring 1 or 2 for this one) who fits that goal?! The number of hours? I leave it at a question mark.
Even so, I was super excited and I wanted to do it (written app and 2-minute video) first thing Saturday, but if you read yesterday's post (well, it feels like yesterday to me), you'll know that I've been a bit busy since then cleaning up and care-taking. Today (Monday) was supposed to be my day to get to this application. All 3 kids should have been in school. This is my day to get. things. done. !!!
Didn't happen. Two were at home and they required cuddles, holding back of hair while you-know-what-ing  and small sips of water every 10 minutes throughout the day (revisit tummy bug care here).
Finally, finally... it's 8pm. The kids are in bed and quiet. At least 2 out of 3 (my two poor sickies) are asleep and I am assured the healthy one is settled and on her way to dreamland. Or, at least staying quiet in bed so I can do my thing! Yes!
I start going through the application process. It's very specific. I'm writing down the detailed instructions that they've put on an audio and on 2 out of 7 I hear a rustling upstairs. Then, more than a rustling. A running, racing, desperate attempt to get to the toilet in time. At least she made it to the tiled bathroom floor.
I abandon my application, obviously. I do the required care-taking, cleanup and cuddling. As I sit down to get back on task, I have to wonder: Is this repeated interruption a sign that I shouldn't apply? That if I got the job it would somehow take me off the course I'm supposed to be on?
Or, is it a test to see how committed I am to the opportunity? There are only two days left to apply and my husband returns tomorrow evening (which means I won't get my time after bedtime). I'll still have two home sick tomorrow.
How would you interpret this situation? What would you do?

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