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Obsessed - Brezelkonig.

By Elleelizabeth @elleelizabethh
obsessed - october while visiting switzerland, this gem was discovered while at the train station. we had just arrived in lucerne after a 9 hour flight and a 2 hour train ride and needed something to eat. well, actually more like if i didn't get something in my belly i was going to turn into godzilla :) anywho, while mapping out where our hotel was, we grabbed a couple of pretzels from the brezelkonig stand. let me tell you, these were the best pretzels i've had in my entire life! they were light, fluffy, cut in half with their creamy butter and cheese. it was a party in my mouth! and the choices were endless. you could order ones with tomatoes and lettuce, salami, or encrusted with sunflower seeds. there were many more selections but i always went for the cheese and butter. now if only they exsisted in the united states - hmm i guess i just may have to travel back to switzerland :) what foods you are obsessed with from your travels?

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