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Obamacare Sucks: But Not for the Reasons You Think

Posted on the 21 November 2013 by Steveonline @steve_online

Obamacare is the topic of the year by far and surely will be a mark on the Obama Presidency. is a giant turd sitting there on the ole Interwebs barely plodding along. People are bitching and moaning about losing their current coverage and being made to either upgrade/downgrade their plans and pricing structures. The President himself has taken an “awww shit” approach to the whole debacle at this point and that really is very disturbing to see from the man who is supposed to be the free leader of the free world!

I can link you to dozens and dozens of links from both the left and right telling you the good, the bad, and the ugly of Obamacare and the ACA. I can also sit your ass in front of the TV to watch news channel X’s take on it. None of that is really going to give it you legit. Just like MC Hammer, I’m 2 Legit 2 Quit. Let’s do this.

Opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Here is mine.

healthcare Obamacare Sucks: But not for the reasons you think

We all deserve healthcare in America.

I believe that EVERYONE who lives legally in America should have health care and not have to remain sick or die on the streets because they are too poor to help themselves. That’s what humanity is all about, helping other humans. So if you don’t want to give someone health coverage because you don’t “speak their language” like I hear a lot of people saying you are an unabashed asshole. We all came here from other countries. Give other first gens families a chance, like your grandparents and great-grandparents were given. Just because you got here first doesn’t give you the right to be such a jerk off. Pre-existing conditions? Should we even question this? If we went through all this bullshit to form a country called the United States of America are we not to help anyone we can no matter the condition? I’m including Abortions in this too. Why? I’m a guy, I should not have an opinion on what a woman does with her body and surely will not consider loose women or rape like it’s a PASS/FAIL system. Let a woman decide on her own what the best course of action is for her body. For the religious people who believe, “Abortion is a sin.” I’m sure using the computer and the internet falls somewhere in the Bible as being devilish and unholy as well.

The financing of Obamacare and increased cost of your healthcare is something I really have no interest to get into. I’m not a mathematician and it’s going to be a ‘your miles may vary’ situation state by state. Suffice to say we need the country on board 100% for this to work and currently that is not the case. So until we give and take until the majority is happy it’s going to be a massive uphill battle for all involved.

Be real people… Politicians suck and the vast majority are looking to gain on your back and feed from your hard work. Don’t be fooled no matter what side of the political spectrum you are on. Wanna know what party I am? UNDECLARED. I made that choice when I was 18 because how in hell can an 18 year old kid make an informed decision like that? I made that choice 22 years ago and I’m never changing it. Why? Because if you really believe 100% in any political party, you are absolutely fucking insane. Crazy Eddie insane (for my tri-state peeps). There is too much going on in 2014 to lock yourself down with a group.

The politicians? Oh they are just SALIVATING while the (D)’s and the (R)’s battle it out like West Side Story. Topic to topic. Obamacare is just one step in that tragic path of infighting that is carefully orchastrated to keep the people in check, hating each other… dividing America.

There is a BIG PROBLEM in America… Americans!

The problem I have with all of this is simple. No matter what you do, or how to slice it; the problem is in the American people. What? You think I’m anti-American now that I said that? PLEASE. You are stupid close the page now. I love this country, the people, and everything we’re about. Born and raised and staying until my last breath. Just look around you objectively, what do you really see?

debate Obamacare Sucks: But not for the reasons you think

Is this you with your “friends” then you are getting played like a fiddle.

I see friends fighting on Facebook and Social Media over politics to the point people unfriend over a gun issue, or a healthcare issue. Really? Okay maybe you thought that guy/girl was an asshole anyways and it was a final tipping point but it’s happening more now than ever before. Everyone is drawing a line in the sand, there is no more melting pot of America. It tipped over somewhere in the last decade and the molten hot magma is pouring over the edge completely out of control. “Follow my way I tell you, don’t be such an idiot. Stupid. Insane. Traitor.” Blah blah blah… If I knew this many opportunities to add characters to Rotten Puppets existed I would have bought more foam and fleece!! Holy cow when did so many people get indoctrinated? I feel for the masses who think they’re making a stand when they are standing next to the rest of the sheep with not an original idea amongst them. Just finger pointing and hate. Hi Haters, I’m Steve and I think for myself.

Tell me Mr. Wiseass.. What’s wrong with Obamacare?

First off, look around you. Sure, there are a lot of “fit people” nowadays with all the selfies and gym status updates but for the most part Americans are getting fatter and fatter. Horrible eating habits and plugging Monsato GMOs into their body like candy. Generally just saying FUCK IT to your own body. Prescription drug use? Abused to a point of possibly no return. I’m amazed at all the crap people take at a relatively young age for pills, but they are totally shot physically. Hey, I’m no greek god (like Team PLD) but I’ve stayed in good enough shape over the years that at 40 I’m 100% chemical and prescription free and overall eat healthy. Chasing a little kid around doesn’t hurt with the cardio either!

plastic fast food toys 300x188 Obamacare Sucks: But not for the reasons you think

They want you to think they are helping you. Save time. Same money. But it kills you from the inside out.

Obamacare is going to have to take care of each and every weak piece of shit (that’s for you Mister Ryan) that walks in to a doctors office with complete disregard to their bodies. And we expect the doctors to just rank and file, take care of everyone because they have sworn to help others. Does that seem ok to you? Making the work harder for the docs out there trying to help? Not to mention the overload, the issues with coverage, doctors being dropped from their carriers, and the overall WTF feeling I hear from every single doctor I know? How the hell are they going to keep up with the increased demand when they are already strapped for time per patient as it is. Once the influx begins wait times will go up, specialty machine delays will begin and it’s going to generally be a big mess. was designed by a CANADIAN company.

As someone who works with graphics, website design, and visual marketing for a living I am absolutely disgusted by this. CGI Federal got the bulk of the contracts in the estimated $70 million shitstorm, and that’s ONLY for the website / Internet portal. Other companies handled the backbone and infrastructure!!! Total damage some say upwards of $500 million. Does that not bother the people at all? People only see the money but it’s deeper than that. We’re not even helping our own businesses.

healthcare gov homepage Obamacare Sucks: But not for the reasons you think

This is the design you get for 70 million. Looks like a landscaping template website.

If we’re in a “bad economy” why is the Federal Contractor (SAM) system giving out contracts to non-US companies of that magnitude? Or at all for that matter. The design business I’m in with my wife KJN Arts is government approved and ready and willing to take on any project. Sure we’re not as big as CGI Federal but we would have loved to have been a part of the process, get some work from our own government, and provide top notch design work for something that is supposed to benefit our friends, neighbors, colleagues. I guess I need to move our family to Canada to get American government contracts. It leaves me wondering how corrupt this system is. I wish someone with more of an investigative journalism background would really dig into CGI Federal and what has gone down with that. Inquiring minds want to know.

Let’s sum up where I stand so far:

  • All legals should have health care, no matter what
  • We’re pitted against each other like a human cock fight by politicians
  • We’ve gotten fat, lazy, and generally unhealthy addictions to prescription drugs
  • Doctors will be screwed (and I barely touched on that subject today)
  • was made by Canadians, screwing US small business out of job opportunities

Seriously people, that’s all I have in me for this piece. Think what you want but by all that is holy THINK FOR YOURSELVES. Stop following jackass Facebook pages posting Meme’s of left and right crap. Stop treating “the other side” like morons and with disdain because you don’t agree politically. You just look stupid as hell this is what you are spending every waking minute on, instead of being with your friends and family.

Do something to better yourself. Open up your eyes beyond the smoke and mirrors. It’s out there, you just have to wake the hell up and start paying attention.

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