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Obama Forgets His Birthdate; Michelle Forgets Their Wedding Year

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

Barry and Michelle are touted as super-smart people, graduates of Harvard Law School.

And yet Mooch can’t remember their wedding year and Barry doesn’t know his own birthdate.

On April 22, 2015, a little girl asked Mooch how long she’s been married.

Mooch first answered, “20-something years,” then “over a decade,” then “it’s been a while.”

There’s a big difference between “20-something years” and “over a decade.” The correct answer is the Obamas were married in 1992 and will have their 23rd wedding anniversary this October 3.

On July 15, 2011, Obama said in front of the press that his birthday was “next week.”

Alas, as you can see in the calendar below, Aug. 4 wasn’t “next week” but THREE weeks away.

July 2011

Who among us, except those with senile dementia, is confused about our birth date?

Here are some hilarious comments on the video’s YouTube site:

Eric Hathaway: “His birth date is 6/6/6 :)”

Nathan Sullivan: “He has no birth date he is from hell”

Andrew Fieldhouse: “His tru birth date is 06.06 .60”

badbob85037: “That is because one who is hatched does not have a birthday.”

And here’s my nomination for the Most Moronic Comment of the Year:

The Cabbage: “I am sure that he does not want people to know his real birthday because people could attack him or his family in his home. They will know where he will be on his birthday. These people are much more clever than the majority of the population. He is the president for a reason you know.”

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H/t Barry Soetoro, Esq.


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