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NYC Dining {Dessert}

By Thedreamery

The sweetest way to end my NYC Dining series is of course with my favorite, dessert. These are bakeries, small cafes and speciality spots that have been getting recognition through the baking and blogging world. Of course, I follow their Instagram, drooling over their pie perfections and pretty Macarons, especially from the Laduree in Soho, and if you haven’t already visited a Bouchon or Financier, from my own taste buds, you’re seriously missing out! These dessert spots are the perfect blend of rustic elegance, who transform pure ingredients into ingenious sweets!

NYC Dining {Four & Twenty Blackbirds}

There isn’t any place I want to dine at more than Four & Twenty Blackbirds pie shop in Brooklyn, especially with Lavender Honey Custard and Grapefruit flavors on their new Spring menu.

NYC Dining {Pomme Palais}

Not many places make tarts covered in decadent fresh figs, but the famed Pomme Palais does. It’s the only reason I need to experience Michel Richard’s French creations.

NYC {Jacques Torres}

It’s only fitting that I visit one of the Jacques Torres famed chocolate shops, considering these are the best tasting chocolate chip cookies that I ever made too. 

NYC Dining {Doughnut Plant}
And because donuts are more than just breakfast food, Doughnut Plant is creating special flavor combinations like Cashew and Orange Blossom and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. 

NYC Dining {Baked}

Baked is already recognized nationally for its Williams Sonoma products, but there isn’t anything like going to Brooklyn and trying their authentic Brooksters and variation on the classic Mallow cup. 

NYC Dining {The Smile}

If you are craving the best seasonal produce in your dessert and cocktail, then The Smile is that spot. They feature the current popular Negroni cocktail, which I would order alongside their blood orange and lemon tart.

NYC Dining {MilkMaid Ice Cream}

Ice Cream is my favorite food, so it was too hard to choose just one spot I want to try cold and melty spoonfuls of ingenious flavor combinations, but MilkMade Ice Cream had me at all this, plus a few sprinkling of Donut Planet’s creations and speciality spirits for a HOME DELIVERY service! Seriously, become a member, you’ll definitely be screaming every time the ice cream man brings you mounds of these icey treats.

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