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NY Burlesque Festival Special Interview – Miss Truvy Trollop!

By Veronicavintage @RockSteadyUSMC


I have been wanting to go to at least one show of the 10th Annual New York Burlesque Festival for at least two months now, and I was undecided as to what show to attend. But when I heard the fab Miss Truvy Trollop would be performing at the Teaser Party on the first night, I was excited – I saw her at the Burlesque Bingo event at Viva, and both me and my friend I went with thought her personality and humour made the show just that much more fun.

As it happened to turn out, I won tickets from Time Out magazine to go to that very show! I was beyond excited, and I was just itching to get out of class that day so I could get on to the fun!

When I found out I won tickets, I sent Truvy a list of interview questions that I had hoped she would answer so I could share them with you, my readers, on my blog. I wasn’t expecting a response – she’s a busy gal, after all – but not only did she reply, she gave meaty responses! I was elated.

When I got to the Bell House, I was right in front, directly behind the professional photographers. There were two guys behind us, and I saw a woman chatting with them. I looked again. Was it Truvy? It was! But she just left before I could say hi, but then my friend Eric turned around to ask one of the guys Truvy was talking to (coincidentally also named Eryk!) if it was her then introduced me. Her friend said I could meet her, and we did. She is a sweet girl, and we took a picture together. I didn’t want to bother her too much, I knew she was there with her friends and also wanted to enjoy the show, so I said thank you and good luck!

Here is the interview of Truvy Trollop that lets you know more about who she is, what she does, and the reality of burlesque!

Veronica Vintage: What made you want to get into burlesque?

Truvy Trollop: Since I was a baby I have been involved in the song and dance world in some way. When I went to my first burlesque show I felt like I had been training my whole life to do it. I had instantly found my calling the minute I stepped foot on stage as Truvy Trollop. It was incredible.

VV: Who is an inspiration for you?

TT:My biggest inspiration in life is my mother and her sisters. Six of the most beautiful, talented, intelligent women you will ever meet.

In burlesque, I was inspired firstly, by Dirty Martini and Jennie Lee. From there, when I really dove in, I began to learn about other amazing legends of burlesque. My favorite performers are our legends who are still at it. Women like Tempest Storm, Tiffany Carter, Judith Stein, Madame E, Satans Angel and so many more. I could literally go on and on. Those women inspire me to do better and to do it with love.

VV: How long have you been performing and what was your first show?

TT: The first burlesque show I ever did was in Nashville at Music City Burlesque’s 1st Annual Boo-lesque at the Belcourt in 2007.

VV: How long does it take for you to make your stage outfits since you make them by hand?

TT: My costumes are a team effort. I am no seamstress and do not claim to be but I am a master embellisher. Meaning, I can lay down some rhinestones like no one you have ever seen! My best friend, Lauren Cohen, makes most of my gowns and customs pieces. She is super talented. A fully customized and embellished costume takes a while to create. You can never have enough rhinestones.

VV: Beyoncé has an on stage persona of Sasha Fierce. Do you have one, or are you just who you are off stage as on?

TT: Truvy Trollop is a persona I created for burlesque. It’s my stripper name. Ha! Truvy, is an extension of my personality. She is me, but turned all the way up to ten.

VV: What inspires new acts for you?

TT: I want to be new and different and do things people have not seen. I am working on a new signature act right now that involves a lot of new elements that I have yet to bring to the stage. I want to make sure people know that I am no one trick pony. I am not just a pretty dancer.

VV: What is difficult about being a mother in your profession? A plus?

TT: I had just started doing burlesque when I got pregnant with my first and only child. I performed at four months pregnant, co-produced and co-hosted a show four days before I gave birth and then started doing burlesque again only a month after I had my daughter. Burlesque made me feel like I could conquer the world and my fellow burlesque mamas gave me the inspiration, will and power. Seriously, the other moms I met through burlesque have been life changing. I have made some of life’s greatest friends in these last few years and I met them through my burlesque life. They are the plus. I am lucky I haven’t had to deal with much negativity.

VV: What is your favourite part of being in burlesque ?

TT: I love so many things about it but I will give you my top two. One:All the amazing people I have met So many fascinating people are a part of this industry. Doctors, lawyers, professors, moms, dads, and on and on. Its wild!
Two: The opportunity to expand my creative self. I love entertaining people. The chance to put on shows is a dream come true.

VV: What is the biggest negative in your profession for you?

TT: Body glue! Its not easy or fun getting pasties to stick to your nipples! Ouch!

VV: What has burlesque taught you that you wish other women could experience and embrace?

TT: Another one of my favorite things in burlesque. I wish more women today could realize that they are so beautiful just the size they are today. Now, don’t get me wrong, we all have fat days and we all look at a picture sometimes and say, “Damn, I should have sucked my gut in more” but I feel like today there is such a warped sense of pretty. I just see some many women in burlesque of different shapes and sizes and I like that. It’s like Honey Boo Boo child says, “Pretty comes in all sizes, and my size is cute!”

VV: What is one of the biggest stereotypes of burlesque?

TT: That its like the movie “Burlesque.” Burlesque shows are so varied. Some are small local shows in dive bars with crappy lights and sound. Some are in major venues with millions in productions. Some big shows suck and some little shows blow you away. It’s like going to see live bands. Some are great and some are not so great. You have to hunt down the good ones.

VV: What is one of your greatest moments that comes to mind as a performer?

TT: I am performing at the 10TH ANNUAL NEW YORK BURLESQUE FESTIVAL IN MERE HOURS…I will have to get back to you on this question! HA!

And she was fabulous! My friend and I discussed all of the acts we saw (at least 20 in all!), and we mutually agreed Truvy’s performance was the one that was the most classic and old school burlesque, and oozed class. Check out the performance for yourself below!

Check out more about Truvy here.

A big thank you goes out to Truvy for being gracious enough to respond and being a great sport for helping to highlight burlesque on this blog. The best of luck to you, keep doing what you do! Thanks again


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