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NPR Thinks the Right Did Boston Bombings Because It Was Hitler’s Birthday

By Eowyn @DrEowyn

NPR, formerly National Public Radio, is a privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization that serves as a national syndicator to a network of 900 public radio stations in the United States.

NPR is also subsidized by U.S. taxpayers.

To the 49% of adult Americans who actually pay federal income taxes, I thought you should know how your tax dollars are being spent.

NPR's Raston
NPR correspondent Dina Temple-Raston

An NPR correspondent named Dina Temple-Raston smeared the political Right, saying that someone on the Right did the Boston Marathon bombings on April 15 because it was Hitler’s birthday (the Fuhrer’s birthday actually was on April 20, 1889):

“The thinking, as we have been reporting, is that this is a domestic, extremist attack and officials are leaning that way largely because of the timing of the attack. April is a big month for anti-government and right-wing individuals. There’s the Columbine anniversary, there’s Hitler’s birthday, there’s the Oklahoma City bombing, the assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.”

You can hear Temple-Raston’s audio on

Hey, Dina. It turns out the bombers are two Muslim dudes from Chechnya. I hope you choke on that news.


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