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By Danielleabroad @danielleabroad
Oh, darlings. It is a good day. Why? Because: Now is the best moment of your life. Yes, now. And now, too. now Please bear with me. When I found myself in between jobs and living at home last year, I got into the habit of watching primetime television with my family. Since then, you can often find me anywhere but in front of the TV at 9 at night, but I'll admit I always catch up on the episodes later on Hulu. So. In this Hulu-watching phase of mine, I will often watch episodes of shows I don't follow, some of which are only available online. One of them is the anything-but-intellectually-stimulating "Dating Rules for my Future Self." During the last episode, Lucy (the protagonist) came up with a mantra and finally gave advice to her future self rather than the other way around: Now is the best moment of your life.
nownow Truth be told, I kind of absolutely love it. Now is the best moment of my life? Really? Well then, I guess I better start making the most of it. nownow I really should make the most of it, as should you. For however normal it may be to worry about the uncertain future and wonder "what if?," life is happening right now. What will be, will be. And what already has been... well, I think you understand where I'm going with this. Now is the time to take chances, follow your dream, be who you authentically are, or at least move in that direction. The only thing holding you back is you. And not only do you deserve to be happy and satisfied, you are capable of doing what it takes to make you feel that way. Be as responsible as you need to be, while also truly believing: Now is the best moment of your life. In doing so, I have a feeling you and I are going to be a lot better off.
Whew. Somebody woke up ridiculously inspired this March 1st!

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