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November Recap

Posted on the 30 November 2012 by Diana @azizaspicks
I really don't know how November passed so quickly...again! It just seems like time is running out, hurrying to get somewhere and is not stopping for anyone. Maybe I am just getting older!
Anyway, November, for me, was...uneventful! I did do a lot of reading and spend some days at the mountain side, where I relaxed, but no big developments, although I am now involved in an interesting project! At least I know the second half of December will be interesting!
Before we enter the month of snow, presents and carols, here's my list for November:

Movies 10
James Bond 007: Skyfall [2012]
Like Crazy [2011]
Argo [2012]
Expendables [2010]
Sound of my voice [2011]
Breaking Dawn 1 [2011]- re-watch
Breaking Dawn 2 [2012]
Ruby Sparks [2012]
The Mask of Zorro [1998] re-watch
Cloud Atlas [2012]
Books 10 (The Mortal Instruments series- 5 books, The Infernal Devices series- 2 books, and some other infamous, unimportant, rather embarrassing books...but still, all in English, so that must count for something, right?)
What have you been up to? Any plans for December?
I wish you all a lovely day and month!

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