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November 9th Is... (Includes Printable Freebies)

By Catherine Mcdiarmid-Watt @frugalfreebies
Image: Child Riding her Bicycle, by Kaelie Nielsen on PixabayNovember 9th is... National Child Safety Council Birthday (1955), Berlin Wall Opened (1989), National Scrapple Day, Kristallnacht Remembrance/Reichskristallnacht/Night of Broken Glass/Reichspogromnacht/Pogromnacht,/Novemberpogrome/Crystal Night (1938), Go To An Art Museum Today Day, Neon Sign Birthday/Festival (1911), Carl Sagan's birthday (1934), National Chaos Never Dies Day, LGBT Elders Day, National Microtia Awareness Day, World Freedom Day, International Inventor's Day (Austria, Germany, Switzerland), National Greek Yogurt Day, World Freedom Day, Parade Day, World Adoption Day, National Donor Sabbath Weekend, National Louisana Day, Domino Day, National Split Pea Soup Day, St. Benen's Day, Tree Festival Day (Tunisia), National Walk to Work Day (Australia), Legal Services Day (India), Schicksalstag (Germany), Day of the Skulls (Bolivia)
PLUS - interesting books to read and free printables, paper crafts, kid crafts, activities, and coloring pages.

Image: Being Safe (Now We Know About...),by Jinny Johnson (Author). Publisher: Crabtree Pub Co (August 1, 2009)National Child Safety Council Birthday
-- The National Child Safety Council (NCSC) at Jackson, MI, is the oldest and largest nonprofit organization in the US dedicated solely to child safety. Their mission is to prevent needless accidents and to help save lives by distributing comprehensive safety education materials and programs for children, adults, and seniors through local law enforcement and the council's mascot, Safetypup®.
Read: Being Safe
-- Being Safe is a fun way to introduce important concepts and new vocabulary to young readers. Open-ended questions are posed, encouraging discussion and inviting children to think about how to deal with the dangers they might face in everyday life. Photographs and easy-to-read text help young readers learn about safety, including in the home, fire, online, and strangers.
Image: Special Needs Medical Alert Seatbelt Cover• Special Needs Medical Alert Seatbelt Cover -- Accidents happen! When they do, be ready. These medical alert seat belt covers can save valuable time by providing EMS with important medical information. These emergency seat belt covers can be completely customized down to the color of fabric and personalization. Helpful information to include is any health conditions or allergies.
• Personalized Child Safety Temporary Tattoos -- Travel without anxiety with these temporary tattoos letting everyone know if your child is lost, how to contact you. Each tattoo is personalized with emergency contact number and accent color of your choice.
• Shrunks Inflatable Kids Bed Rails -- Replacing the traditional old unsafe Bed Bumpers with its newest inflatable technology, The Shrunks Advanced Bed Rail inflates when in use and easily deflates when traveling or not in use. It is ready to go in 30 seconds!
• Child Safety Coloring Books
Free Printables, Coloring Pages, Activities and Crafts:
• Child Safety Resources - Free colouring sheets, keep-safe quizzes, printable safety posters, games and fun 'Spot the Hazard' worksheets to help children of all ages with personal safety whether at home or out with friends.
FREE no-cost Child Safe Kit - Record your child's vital statistics and important medical information in one convenient, safe place – blood type, eye color, height and weight, fingerprints, even their DNA!
Child Safety Information and Resources
Fire Safe Kids | Fire Safety Made Fun!
• Quiz for Kids on Avoiding Abduction
Generation Rx - engaging resources to help children understand prescription and over-the-counter medication safety.
Kids Safety Zone | Toronto Police Service
• Child Safety Activity Corner - discuss child safety issues with your child through video, stories, colouring, games and cartoons.
• Activities That Teach Safety
• Free Child Safety, Education and Prevention Publications

Berlin Wall Opened (1989)
- After 28 years as a symbol of the Cold War, the Berlin Wall was opened on this evening, and citizens of both sides walked freely through an opening in the barrier as others danced atop the structure to celebrate the end of a historic era.
National Scrapple Day
- Scrapple is chopped or ground pork and cornmeal mush, cooked and shaped in a loaf pan, cooled, then sliced and browned in butter to serve. It is a true American specialty of the Pennsylvania Dutch (who called it ponhaws or pawnhaus). It was originally made from scraps of pork.
Kristallnacht (Crystal Night)
- During the evening of Nov 9 and into the morning of Nov 10, 1938, mobs in Germany destroyed thousands of shops and homes, carrying out a pogrom against Jews. Synagogues were burned down or demolished. There were bonfires in every Jewish neighborhood, fueled by Jewish prayer books, Torah scrolls, and volumes of philosophy, history, and poetry. More than 30,000 Jews were arrested and 91 killed. The night got its name from the smashing of glass store windows.
Go To An Art Museum Today Day
- Art is all about exploration. More than 30,000 museums around the world participate in Go To An Art Museum Today Day, and each year even has a different theme. So today, go to a museum and discover something new!
Neon Sign Birthday/Festival (1911)
- Inspired in part by Daniel McFarlan Moore's invention, Moore’s Lamp, Paris born chemist and inventor, Georges Claude (1870 - 1960) discovered that passing an electric current through inert gases made them light very brightly. Claude applied for a patent for neon signs in 1911, the same year the Titanic sank.
Carl Sagan's birthday (1934)
- Astronomer, biologist, author (Broca's Brain, Cosmos), born November 9, 1934, at New York, NY in 1934.

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