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Nottingham Castle

By Vikasacharya

Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle is a castle in Nottingham, England. It is located in a commanding position on a natural promontory known as “Castle Rock”, with cliffs 130 feet high to the south and west. Historic site at the heart of the Robin Hood legend and starting point for the English Civil War .Situated on a high rock, Nottingham Castle commands spectacular views over the city and once rivaled the great castles of Windsor and the Tower of London. Its history is chequered with sieges, murders and intrigue. Totally destroyed after the Civil War, the medieval castle was replaced by a magnificent ducal mansion in 1674. Then in 1875 it was converted into the first municipal museum and art gallery outside London. Award-winning cave tours tell this history and take you down into the passageways and tunnels beneath the building. The castle café offers panoramic views of the city and serves a wide range of meals, snacks and refreshments. There is also a shop, selling an array of craft works, fine art books, postcards and other gifts. The beautiful grounds include a medieval-style playground and a covered picnic area.

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