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Nothing Like Being Planked by Our Daughters

By Twotimesthefun @slcs48n1
I am increasingly aware that I need to increase my flexibility. I try to do some yoga every day in the hopes that I'll maintain whatever flexibility I have right now.
There are some yoga positions I struggle to complete. On the TV the yoga instructor in plank pose lifted her hand in the air over her head, twisting her body in the process. I sighed, sat down and stared, wondering if I'd ever get there.
The girls walked by and said, "Oh we can do that. We do it all the time in P.E." They both dropped to the floor into plank pose and twisted to put one arm in the air. It was completely effortless. Once the proved they could do it, they went back to plank pose and twisted the other way.
This was not helpful.
I realize that with enough practice I could do it too. What makes me feel old is realizing how hard it was for me and how easy it was for them. Of course, they don't appreciate their ability to move from pose to pose like it's the most natural thing in the world. Me? I'd give anything to be able to move like them.

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