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(Not So) Berries Oats Bars

By Greengirl @GrinGarl

How many of you have toddlers? Are they teething? Mine is :( For the last couple of days she had some fever, no appetite whatsoever and lots of moods. Today being the 3rd day she almost didn't eat a thing I decide making some berry bars thinking she'd nibble on them.
(Not so) Berries oats bars
I didn't have a recipe but in my mind I thought they are made from oats, berries and of course sugar syrup. I still think these are the main ingredients but i don't think i did the Maths well. (Not so) Berries oats bars  After baking I manage the cut them in squares but the corners would easily come off. This made me think they probably needed more syrup, but of course, I might be wrong. 
(Not so) Berries oats bars
Here's how I made them 
In a medium sauce pan I put 2 sticks of butter, rind and juice form 1 orange, 2/3 cup brown sugar and 1/4 cup honey
(Not so) Berries oats bars
Kept it over low heat until butter melted and sugar dissolved and poured over a bowl with 3 cups of rolled oats and 1 cup of frozen berries
(Not so) Berries oats bars
mix well and put the mixture into a 11 X 7 inch pan and baked in preheated oven at 350F for 20 minutes. 
(Not so) Berries oats bars
After baking I let it cool slightly and cut the squares thinking that if it hardens it may be harder to cut.  But it never harden :(  
(Not so) Berries oats bars
If you have make these kind of bars before and know a recipe please leave a link, I'll be more than happy give it a try.
That's all for today, thanks for your support. As usual, Roxana
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