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Nostalgic Blend(er) of the Past I

Posted on the 17 May 2015 by Farsthary

Hi all :)

Recently found my forgotten account in Vimeo where I posted several years ago (seems like yesterday) my experiments and tinkers. Since I will no longer use or maintain that account I’m uploading them to my active Youtube channel to avoid loosing them in case Vimeo servers drop inactive accounts.

OMG what a lot of memories they bring me, they still float around in this blog as I started it in 2007 when I called it: True Volumetrics (for Blender) and it has witness my personal growth from a curious kid to …. an older curious kid XD.

I will never forget at that time my huge lack of resources, it was just a year before, that I could finally bought my first Pentium 4 computer (256 MB RAM and 32 MB Video it was a dream come true at that time in Cuba), with little to none computer programming experience in the past, but a strong love for math and physics since I was studying Nuclear Physics and with a CG passion eroding me inside out for not choosing my perfect career. So, at the third year of Nuclear Physics (2 years before getting my degree!) I took the leap of faith and changed college: I remember it was a drama for me,  Directors, professors and classmates didn’t wanted me to leave as I was showing good promises in the field … making it more difficult for me to make the choice: -what if I’m wrong? what if I’m dropping a unique opportunity career for a mediocre future? cheers to them wherever they are now!

I think I will never know, and every time I face a life restart I have the very same fears, but at least the chosen path gave me the opportunity to realize my 2  biggest dreams: – Working at the CG industry and become free from the illness of my society.

Blender was my dream scene and my playground, due to my ingenuity I could not finish many projects there but I acted as a catalyst for them to happen. Instead of asking in forums for features I drafted them, showed them what can be achieved and that it was really possible, so experienced devs could turn them into life. The community opened me their arms and their heart and I still carry them with me, I guess that being open source, I can go back anytime in the future. Blender have long evolve those points and I see with pleasure how is turning into something bigger that the creators, become self sustainable. It has surpassed the critical mass for open source projects to continue live on forever and not be forgotten in the springs of short lived similar projects.

In those videos also appear my roots at 3DCoat, where I have sprout my first white hairs and I found a nest too and I pushed myself to horizons never expected before :) We can’t have everything we want in life and our lifetime budget is limited :( we get consolation in the hope that, someday in the future we will see again our friends, relatives, lovers and things will be the same but is not. Our life threads diverge and we turn complete strangers again.

All that remains is nostalgia. 


Nostalgic Blend(er) of the past I

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