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We Deserve More Performance.

Posted on the 23 September 2018 by Farsthary
We deserve more performance.

People have forgotten that not long ago Operating Systems (pre – Vista era) were designed to fly on slower 5400 rpm HDD’s and megabyte-order RAM.

You may think that performance and speed should be transferable to newer generation software. If an old version was this fast, the next should be at least as fastest if not faster…

It turns out is often the other way around: newer versions are slower and slower. Hiding the incompetence, the spaghetti code or pure bloatware under the rug of hardware improvements.

The excuse is that software now do more, but usually what they do more is the stuff you don’t need, use that often or wanted on the first place.

As always, Greed takes over good companies and the rush to market and to profit is ruining the software landscape when people see normal that newer versions will be more “demanding” on the hardware. The end user is being stolen of performance and nobody seems to care, worse yet, they see it as OK.

The bar to judge newer software should be to run it on older hardware, on hardware where its predecessors where a king, if performance is worse, then something is wrong. Period.

As an example if Windows XP barely trashed a 5400 rpm HDD with 512 MB of RAM then something terribly wrong is happening with Windows 10 that crawls on the same HDD despite having 8x the RAM available…yet people praise it as the fastest OS of the Microsoft house (of course on an SSD). Seriously those people need to try a windows XP 64 on an SSD with 8 GB of RAM to see the real performance they are loosing on Windows 10…and it will only get worse over time because software degradation is proportional to the hardware improvement, so you will barely notice.

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