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Non-Toxic Car Seat Options for Baby and Toddler

By Peaceloveorganicmom
I am continually amazed at the manufacturing of infant car seats containing a variety of toxic chemicals and the lack of public disapproval. For me (and I 'm sure most of you), it seemed unnatural after attempting to keep my pregnancy as organic as possible to place my precious newborn daughter in a seat treated with toxic flame retardants. Thyroid problems, learning and memory impairment, decreased fertility, and behavioral changes are just a few of the possible side effects associated with the exposure to brominated and chlorinated flame retardants. With your little one's developing system being highly susceptible to these chemicals as well as the large amount of time he/she will be in the seat, it is very important to choose a more natural option. Additionally, in warm weather, the chemicals in the seat can break down at a faster rate and likely increase toxicity (source). For further information regarding the use of chemical flame retardants in children's products as well as their adverse effects on health, Environmental Science & Technology has a great research article found here.  Fortunately, there are some great options available to keep your little one protected from these chemicals.
Orbit Baby Infant Car Seat G2Non-Toxic Car Seat Options for Baby and ToddlerThis is the least toxic car seat currently on the market in my opinion. It has a large price tag but for me there is no price to large to keep my little one safe and unexposed to harmful chemicals. Below is detailed information regarding the safety protocols Orbit Baby follows to ensure a safe seat for your baby. This seat is available in a variety of colors and can be purchased here.*Fabrics used on Orbit Baby G2 products adhere to limits/bans on nearly 200 potentially harmful chemicals and are certified by Oeko-Tex® Standard 100.*Orbit Baby G2 fabrics meet strict heavy metal limits (European standard EN71-3) on harmful elements: barium, lead, cadmium, antimony, selenium, chromium, mercury, and arsenic. *Compliant to CPSIA lead limits through recurring, independent, accredited lab tests and internal analysis.*Car seat fabric and foam is tested at independent, accredited labs on a per production basis to ensure compliance to federal flammability standards as well as "below detection” limits on bromine, which is further confirmed through internal analysis.
Orbit Baby Toddler Car Seat G2
Non-Toxic Car Seat Options for Baby and ToddlerIf your little one is ready for a toddler seat, the Obit Baby Toddler G2 Seat is designed with the same strict standards as the Infant G2. Made from aerospace-grade aluminum, comfy plush microfiber and fabrics free from harmful chemicals, this LATCH-optimized seat features a user-friendly harness design to prevent tangling. Plus, the upholstery removes for washing without compromising harness safety. Designed for maximum rear-facing usage, you can also easily transition your child to a front-facing position. For purchase or additional details click here

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