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Nomura: #KingdomHearts Future and HD Remakes?!

Posted on the 13 July 2011 by Acdarkknight @thedpadgames

Nomura: #KingdomHearts future and HD remakes?!
Well at least they're talking about it? Hello all, Mandalore here. And as you all know the resident Kingdom Hearts/Final Fantasy nut and Square-Enix apologist. Finally got some news out of the SE camp for the first time in months about Kingdom Hearts for the 3DS and actually some talk about that long awaited sequel. First up is Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. Nomura states that current development of the game at 40-50% done (taking forever), and that this could finally be the last spin off we get. Also he stated that this game, like all others will have a secret movie and will have answers for what we speak of next. That being what everyone is waiting for, Kingdom Hearts III. Nomura said that KHIII will be the last in the series for main villain Xehanort, but that he has a structure set up for future sequels as well, but still keeping Sora as the main character. But with KH3DS only half done as well as work on FF Versus XIII and Type-0, when will we finally see KHIII? And at the end he made a very interesting quote, saying Square-Enix was looking into tech to remake past titles into HD. Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy collections perhaps? I got my pre-order money down already!Invite your friends to join the Fan Boy Nation!

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