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Nok-Out Packs A Punch

By David13676 @dogspired

noklogoAccidents happen, and in a home that includes the family pet, those accidents can include pet messes and odors. Nok-Out Odor Eliminator and Nok-Out Carpet Cleaner are pet-friendly, non-toxic deodorizers and disinfectants that will clean and sanitize your home whether you’re dealing with urine odors, a run in with a skunk, or just need to air out the family pet’s favorite sleeping spot.

Nok-Out is easy to use because both the Odor Eliminator spray and the Carpet Cleaner are already at full strength. There is no messy measuring to dilute it, just spray and go or add to your carpet cleaner. It has no noticeable scent and is hypoallergenic, so even if you are very sensitive to perfumes or chemical smells, you’ll be able to use Nok-Out.

A Deodorizer

Cleaning up dog (or other pet) urine is just a fact of life when you live with one. Whether your dog is older and can’t hold it, is still housetraining, or has accidents from separation anxiety, Nok-Out is an oxidizing agent, so it cleans the source of the problem, it doesn’t mask or cover the odor. This is important because a dog’s sense of smell is more powerful than a human’s, and if an accident area is not properly cleaned, the dog will go back to the same spot repeatedly to eliminate.

Has your dog tangled with a skunk and lost? Nok-Out takes the punch out of that pungent aroma. Non-toxic Nok-Out can be sprayed at full-strength directly on your dog’s fur. Massaging it into the fur and down to the skin will eliminate the skunk stink. If the skunk smell has permeated your home, Nok-Out is safe for most fabrics and can be sprayed in the air as a deodorizer.

A Disinfectant

Nok-Out is a powerful disinfectant, proven to kill bacteria, mold, and mildew. Sanitize hard surfaces or soft ones such as pet beds, kennels, and crates quickly and easily by spraying the area and letting it air dry. Although powerful enough to kill viruses such as influenza, you don’t need gloves or eye protection to use Nok-Out – it is completely safe, even at full strength, for both humans and pets.

Other Uses

Nok-Out is a multi-tasker that will replace the need for multiple cleaners. Its uses go beyond pet clean-up capabilities. Use Nok-Out to disinfect your bathroom, freshen up your car upholstery, or remove tobacco odors.

For more information about how Nok-Out can knock out your pet odor problems, visit www.nokout.com.

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