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Nocturnal Sunshine AKA Maya Jane Coles Reworks Alpines

Posted on the 04 August 2011 by Pelski
Nocturnal Sunshine AKA Maya Jane Coles reworks Alpines
Maya Jane Coles has blown up in the last year or so with her deep and techy house releases, each production marked by a distinctive warmth. Producing under another alias, Nocturnal Sunshine, she turns her hands to the dubstep template. Her snappy yet gentle snares are offset by some nicely understated bass, a complement to Alpines soulful, ethereal vocal work. A stunning remix:
Alpines - Cocoon (Nocturnal Sunshine Remix) {128kbps} [pelski highly recommends]
Half a year old this one... Tokimonsta slaps some crunchy, utterly satisfying hip-hop beats over Adreya Triana's r'n'b soul:
Andreya Triana - Far Closer (Tokimonsta Remix) [pelski highly recommends]
VVV goes all crackling, fizzing and experimental on this excursion into the seriously deep:
VVV - Reveries [pelski highly recommends]
Knowing Looks AKA Jason Hopfner serves up some chunky 2-step, in the hefty techno vein of Blawan:
Knowing Looks - Abandoned Skip {192kbps}
Pitched-up vocals from Pittsburgh's Kastle float over a mish-mash of ravey, acid-laced garage. Deep and yet manically energetic. A freebie from the Time Traveller EP, released some months ago:
Kastle - I Know 
Deadboy - the wunderkind currently wowing crowds with his house/2-step crossover - lays some jittery percussion over a brand-spanking new track from legendary rocker Paul Weller:
Paul Weller - Starlight (Deadboy Remix) {192kbps}

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