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*Nobody's Perfect*

By Dottydolly @jadearchibald1
*Nobody's Perfect**Nobody's Perfect**Nobody's Perfect*
*Nobody's Perfect**Nobody's Perfect*Dress : H&M / Bag : Vintage : Jacket : Charity Shop / Locket : H&M 
Looking back on the weather of the last few hours, it is clear i probably didn't dress particularly 'appropriately' today, but nevertheless, i shall not let the flooding, ruined shoes and now horrifically curly hair deny me saying i actually rather liked my outfit today. The jacket is faux suede, and i randomly picked it up from a charity shop a few months back simply because it was £1. At the time i thought i may as well have just donated the money instead, but I'm rather glad i did grab the jacket too!(greedy me) I never thought id wear it, but on a random whim whilst getting dressed today, i chucked it on (not literally) and was pleasantly surprised. I got the thumbs up from mother too (which doesn't often happen) so an added bonus there as well. - Sorted. The polka dot dress is from H&M and has been a favorite dress of mine for a while, I've never actually worn it in a blog post either, so it was time you saw it. The world and it's wife own this style of dress from H&m (They have it in loads of prints) but i can't help but love it. In fact, if i had to have a 'go-to' dress id probably say this one. Whether i wear it with a coat, cardi, blazer, jacket or even on it's own, it always looks, well - pretty. 
Despite the flooding today (as mentioned previously) I've had a rather lovely day. We joined the gym this morning, had an insane workout (you always do on the first go), had scrambled eggs for breakfast, ventured to our local town for some shopping and then had a yummy lunch, teamed with a gigantic latte. I'm also supposed to be having yoga tonight, but i think the weather has meant it's cancelled. *sad face* What a busy bee i am!
I hope you've had a lovely day/week! Apologies for the lack of blogging recently, but i've got some great posts lined up for you, including a D.I.Y tomorrow! Have a lovely evening girlies, and stay safe if you've been flooded like us! x x x
P.S the post title is just the name of the first song that came on shuffle, because i didn't know what to call this post!

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