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No, YOU Shut Up

By Guerrillamom @mariaguido
I'm sick of mom's being told their stories aren't theirs to tell.
I'm also sick of people claiming they don't want future employers Googling them and finding out about their potty training habits. That is the dumbest point, ever. If your potty training habits come up on a Google search, 20 years after a post was made - I'll eat my hat. Also, if your prospective employer gives a rat's ass about that... ???
If you follow this blog at all, you'll know that I'm not in the habit of over-sharing about my kids. I am a photographer though, and I am in the habit of posting adorable photos. It's what I do. If anyone out there thinks they care about the safety of my child more than I do - they would be wrong.
If anyone in this day and age thinks that they are not searchable on the Internet - they probably live in a cave somewhere and harvest their own food. That sounds like an awesome life, don't get me wrong - but for the rest of us - there is no such thing as privacy if you have ANY kind of social media presence. If you've managed to have no social media presence, kudos to you and you can judge all you want. But if you have one - at all - your life is not private.
If you doubt me, browse around on different shops on the Internet for a while and see if they don't appear in your Facebook ad feed shortly after that.
I wrote a rant that I am very proud of this week on Mommyish. You should read it.

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