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No Vacation’s ‘Laundry Day’ is Sure to Bring Sun to Your Summer [Stream]

Posted on the 10 June 2016 by Thewildhoneypie @thewildhoneypie

No Vacation’s ‘Laundry Day’ is Sure to Bring Sun to Your Summer [Stream]

No Vacation’s recently released track, “Laundry Day” comes light, carefree and just in time for summer. The San Francisco-based indie-pop band started as a duo composed of members Sabrina Mai and Basil Saleh, but have since brought Timothy Atlas and Vincent Do into the fold (they provide recording/production and mixing/mastering, respectfully). The group’s latest mixtape, Amo XO, is sure to calm and soothe anyone within earshot — speckled with two-minute instrumental interludes, soft acoustic musings, charming vocals and minimal production, the tracks build off of one another to capture a quintessential summer day from morning (“Late Morning Brekkie”) to bedtime (“Pillowcase”). With “Laundry Day,” simple guitar strumming is coupled by Sabrina’s sweet voice to create a peaceful, yet playful piece to ease us into those long sunny days and sleepless summer nights. It’s a warm and effortless addition to your lazy Sunday playlist (but then again, so is the whole mixtape).

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