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No-sew Fabric Rope Easter Basket

By Thehousethatlarsbuilt @houselarsbuilt
No-sew fabric rope Easter basketNo-sew fabric rope Easter basketphotography by Trisha Zemp 
Are you ready for the easiest, no-sew fabric Easter basket? I'm actually quite thrilled with how this one turned out and how sturdy it is. Now, if only I had little kiddies to put them to use...for now they will go in storage.
No-sew fabric rope Easter basketMaterials: 1 yd fabric, 12 yards of 12/32" cotton filler cord, glue gun, wire
Step 1: Cut the fabric into 1" strips.Step 2: Wrap the fabric tightly around the cord and secure with glue. Don't worry about it being perfectly wrapped around. You won't notice when you go to coil it.
No-sew fabric rope Easter basketStep 3: Once all the rope has been covered, start coiling the rope in and secure with dabs of glue along the way.Step 4: To make the 9" diameter basket I made, I created 10 coils around the center. Once I got to 10 I started going up. I added glue onto the outer rim of the rope and continued up.
No-sew fabric rope Easter basketStep 5: Once I got to the 8th row (about 5" tall), I ended the rope in the dip leading to the next row.
Step 6: I ended by gluing the end into one of the rows.
No-sew fabric rope Easter basketStep 7: To make the handle I added a piece of wire to the cord and wrapped the fabric around it.
Step 8: I figured out where I wanted to place the handle and then added glue to the inside of the bowl and quickly secured the handle to the side.
Step 9: Repeat to the other side.
No-sew fabric rope Easter basket

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