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No One to Cheer for

Posted on the 19 September 2011 by Erictheblue

If I were to turn on the TV and find that Notre Dame was playing Ohio State in a football game, I'd change the channel.  There's no rooting interest when you wish both teams could lose, which is why I haven't been following too closely the Bachmann-Perry contretemps in the Republican presidential sweepstakes.  Since they disagree, it seems I might be obliged to take the side of one of them--a distasteful prospect.

Have you noticed how, when Republicans debate, they have to ask forgiveness for the only decent things they've ever done?  "Yeah, once I was persuaded that human beings are changing the earth's climate, and I therefore took some mincing steps toward adopting reparative policies, but, believe me, I've repented!"  That was the departed Tim Pawlenty.  Now Rick Perry has had to acknowledge that he erred by supporting an immunization program that will save lives. 

Well, he might have done it more to enrich his pharmaceutical contributors than to save anyone's life, so he should not feel that bad about it. 

Nothing Bachmann says surprises me.  She doesn't care what's true, only what's helpful, and God knows there are plenty of crackpots to play to.  When she finally withdraws, Romney will have to try and act more crazy than he maybe is.  His crime, of course, is that as governor of Massachusetts he delivered health care reform a la Obama.  What an outrage!

Lorrie Moore sums up the experience of watching the Republicans debate: "There is always something if not a lot to learn from watching a circus--one is both amazed by and sorry for the animals."  

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