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No More Game for Intelligence Agencies Only – Even You Can Tap Phone Calls

Posted on the 02 February 2018 by Ruby Mariah @rubymariah22

No more game for intelligence agencies only – Even You can tap phone callsThe intelligence agencies with the arsenal of call taping and monitoring tools that can get access to anyone’s cell phone gadgets and computers machines, According to the CBS News. WikiLeaks leaked reports are bare witness to the fact that the world most powerful secret intelligence organization “Central Intelligence Agency” is highly equipped with the variety of phone taping software that is proficient to record phone calls. However, the spy agency not only can tap smartphone calls, but it is equally powerful when it comes to reading encrypted messages sent or received on all the trendy social messaging apps.

How CIA responded?

The secret spy agencies did not respond in a denial and even not confirms whether the claims of the WikiLeaks either have authenticity or not. But leaks also suggested that it is a job of any intelligence agency to spy on people cell phone for call recording.

CIA statements, via CBS News:

“We would not like to respond to the reality of the purported secret documents leaked by the WikiLeaks or on the updates of an investigation on the source. Anyhow, we want to discuss some sensitive critical points. It is the job of any intelligence agency to collect information aggressively overseas in order to protect the national interest of a country. The spy agencies have the job to be innovative, cutting edge, and the first line of defense to protect the state form the enemies abroad”.

Taping phone calls –is no more a game for spy agencies only

As we have discussed earlier that intelligence agencies have secret phone call recorders to tap an individual phone call. They can tap the phone calls within no time and get to the nature of the conversations made by the target person.  But the modern technology over the years has introduced the call spying software like TOS call recorder app to the general public to deal with the issues that have risen due to the advancement of the technological creatures such as cell phones and its obsession among the users. Now parents are ready to listen and record WhatsApp calls of the teens to protect them from stalkers and even from the cyber bullies and to know what and whom they talk while making long calls on their phone. Furthermore, the business owners that have equipped the employees with the contemporary smartphones listen to the queries of the customers and to deal with the issues they have. But the executives are insecure whether they may do misuse of the company’s owned gadgets and can reveal the secrets of the company within the working hours.

So, they are desperately concern to save their business and want to tap the calls of the employees –Even to judge their dealing with the clients. Therefore, they record phone calls to scrutinize employees work rate. On the other hand relationships and breakups have become the common thing nowadays. Spouses are involved in extramarital affairs via cell phone calls. So, it has become the need of the hour to find out the sings you spouse is cheating.

How can you tap a call? Even you are an ordinary person

Technology in the form of the cell phone is creating an imminent sense of isolation in the modern society. However, technology has developed such tools over the years that enable an ordinary person to tap phone calls with the help of call recorder hide app and can record and listen to the live calls in real time. They just need to use the following mentioned app that will empower you to record cell phone calls secretly.

Use call recorder app for Android

If someone is searching for the tool to tap a phone call from someone, then you need to install the hidden call recorder app on the target phone by getting physical access on the phone. Once you have got the access to your target smartphone and successfully install the call recorder software. Now you are free to tap cell phone calls within no time. This call tap app for Android (unrooted version) will make you capable of tapping calls in the way that you can record and listen to the calls by sending the command to the target phone. The time command has received on the smartphone it will start recording calls incoming or outgoing and present more option i.e block incoming calls or outgoing. A user can record the phone calls in real time and then save it over the internet. It further enables a user to track the calls and track the information of the person who has made the calls and to whom the calls are made. However, a user can store call recordings into an online control panel of the call recorder app.


Technology has discovered the call taping software and even a layman now days can listen live calls happen on the target phone. The activity can be utilized for the effective parenting, to catch cheating spouses and to tap cell phone calls of the dishonest employee within the business organization.

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