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No Money No Honey

Posted on the 30 August 2011 by Erikalust

Some things amaze me, like Catherine Hakim’s new book “Honey Money: the Power of Erotic Capital“. Believe it or not, it basically says that women’s look is more important than a college degree, and that they should use their appearance to get what they want.

There’s already great reviews about this “book” that I totally agree with so I’m not going to repeat their arguments: Elisabeth Day on the Guardian, or Jezebel’s 3 reasons why erotic capital is bullshit.

Sadly, it is true that many times attractive people get money and jobs more easily than others, but it doesn’t mean we have to condone this behaviour and encourage young people to be this way!

Under the pretext of wanting to update old-fashioned feminist principles, Hakims goes back to ill-conceived ideas about women in society. Feminism is often seen as a group of ugly women trying to compensate for not being wanted by men, and Hakim in some way tries to reclaim these female attributes and female beauty. I’m all in favour of female beauty, but we never lost our attributes, we just want to be judged on something else than cupsize!

Hakim is another victim of generalization (via statistics and stereotypes) and standard beauty which only makes you emptier and dumber. Basing your arguments on pre-conceived ideas is not the way to make anything better, but only a way to spread false clichés through generations.

What do YOU think?

No Money No Honey

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