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No Means No

Posted on the 18 August 2023 by Doggone
No means NoThe reality is that I said "No" three times:
  1. The 2008 Primary
  2. the 2016 Primary
  3. And the 2016 General Election

The likelihood of my voting for Hillary Clinton was next to non-existent.[1]

And the Russians had fuck all to do with it.

Unless, of course, Russians run the democratic party, which in retrospect seems to be the case since they pretty much trashed the 2016 election.

Especially since Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, yet LOST IN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE.

The problem is that the duopoly wants to pretend that a vote for a third party is anything but a vote for that party. 2016 was liberating for me since I saw that my vote didn't count.

It doesn't count in primary elections and it also doesn't count in the general election.

Having a "right to vote" is meaningless if the voting is not done in a truly free and fair election with a secret ballot and parties that actually represent the people.

So, please, stop saying that third party voters are spoilers.

Unless we are spoiling the illusion for the duopoly.


[1] I might vote for Hillary Clinton if Ranked Choice Voting were in place, but she would be somewhere after a write in vote for all my dogs and maybe one of the legitimate candidates.

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