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No Jacket Or Tights Needed!

By Elunstroth @emgeorgia
no jacket or tights needed!  Was so proud of my family for actually having pumpkins on the porch.  no jacket or tights needed! Skirt: JCrew -- Shirt: JCrew--Boots: Madewell--Necklace: Jcrew(sadly sold out)--Watch: Michael Kors
camera was doing weird things with my head!  no jacket or tights needed! note: bobby pin on the pocket...always have to have one handy! 
Once again adjusting to the Texas weather is hard, it is still in the high 70' away go these boots.
It is an odd feeling going out with my legs bare and not having to run from location to location scared of the cold! But I really should not complain, because before I know it will be snowing in Ohio and I will only be dreaming of the heat!  no jacket or tights needed! hopefully these outfit posts will become better with time and experience!  any words of wisdom?

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