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No, It's About Nothing.

By Stoffbyrd
A lot of people are depressed that life is about nothing. That we are nothing more than flesh and bone. Random electrical messages disguised as our thoughts. Slaves to our biology. Not me. I like that life is about nothing. Because out of this great nothing we can make whatever something we want. I think this was by design. There is no one ruler or creator who dictates to us what life must be about. No one person making us follow their vision of what life is  (although it hasn't stopped some people on earth from trying to do this). This is the ultimate freedom. If you want your life to be about hate and negativity, than that is what it's about. If you want life to be about laughs, friends and football - than that is the meaning of life. You mold your own reality out of the nothingness. Life isn't nothing because there is already something. Somebody wanted us to have something. It's just that they had the foresight to make the something about nothing. Forget your nihilism emo boy. Like Seinfeld, it is about nothing. And that is a good thing.

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