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No, I'm Not in Love!

By Saurabh2461986 @saurabhslounge

No, I'm not in love!
Trying to convince myself
Its hard for me to believe
You can feel it yourself
Its nothing to deceive
Pretending not to be turned on
I move closer to you, you break down
Making love from dusk till dawn
Now, I want you to turn around
Grazing your slender neck
Playing games, you never get enough
Warm breaths and a peck
Not fair, I like to bluff
Five when you dance
But ten when you tease
Allow me to take a chance
You will go weak in the knees
I say that I am not in love
Just not ready for that phase
But I am enjoying it here above
Here's a toast to raise
Play it with your eyes closed
You got all the right moves
One by one they are disclosed
I love the experience as it improves....

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