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No Anchors

By Namalsiddiqui @namalsiddiqui
No Anchors
I see what you feel, because your eyes reveal the truth.
I hear what you feel, because your words betray your cover.
I know what you already know, because love is not a secret. And it doesn't keep any.
If you are the sea, then I am a river that flows in to you.
If I am the river, then you become an extension of me.
And if that's what we are, then love is a boat that floats across our surface

Do you feel a burden on this boat, my love? Then it is not love
For love has no measure, no heaviness, no anchors.

We will float across these rivers,
Sail across the oceans,
And even though there may be friction between these waters

We will pass through, because that's what rivers do
Flow through despite the twists and falls,
The ebb and flow of love,

Back to the vast embrace of its sea
Because that is what the sea does
Unite with its raging and wandering river, like they never parted.

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