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Nightclub Nights in Paris

By Sedulia @Sedulia

N, L, Nick and Diri arrived home at  4:30 this morning. "Did you have a good time?" I said sleepily when L came in to kiss me good night. 

"It was really fun!" said L. "We went to Laetitia's party and when we left it was 2. We called up N and he was at a [very chic] club and said to come over. They wouldn't let us in at first and K was mad [he is Asian-American and thought it might be racism-- it could be, but it's quite hard for anyone to get in, especially the first time]. N had to come out to get us. But it was great once we were inside. That club is amazing. Everyone was gorgeous and and young and beautifully dressed. There were, like, 300 hot Russian models."

"Where's A?" I asked.

"Not home yet!" said L cheerfully and went out. I could hear them all making something to eat in the kitchen.

A, who had gone to a birthday party without knowing most of the other people, arrived home at 5:30 a.m.. "It was so much fun! But everybody was really drunk and wanted to speak English. There were fire dancers and a giant Siberian tiger head."

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